I haven't been on this forum in a LONG time and couldn't remember if this is the right place to post this kind of question, but I'll get right to the chase.

I'm using a Vox VT50 valvetronix amp and I've noticed something peculiar lately when I play it. I'm not sure if it's been this way since the beginning but I haven't played it in a long time to tell.

I've noticed when I lightly strum, the volume is slightly louder than when I strum harder. I would think it would be the opposite. It should get louder when I strum harder right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I tried replacing the tube in it thinking that was the problem, and unless it also has the same problem, I noticed the same thing happening. I know the valvetronix can be finicky. I've heard some bad stories, and I'm hoping this isn't a sign of my amp being on its way out. Is it possible that it's my guitar as well?

Any help is appreciated. I can provide more details if necessary.
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If remember right, that has a built in Compressor, which could be doing that.

Crap. You're right! I didn't make the connection. It sounds just like something a compressor would do. I'll have to figure out what settings I programmed in. Man, do I feel dumb right now. Thanks a bunch though. You saved me from a lot of frustration.
Compressor and possibly the noise gate, those amps suck balls glad i got rid of it.
So this amp has a built in compressor which you can't control? o.0
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Interesting question...
I know someone in the bass area asked a while back and I had to explain it. But like the bass compressor was so you didnt blow the cabinet. The compressor LED lit up when it went too high and then it was compressed to prevent damage. Im assuming it works the same here
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So this amp has a built in compressor which you can't control? o.0

Nah, I think it was the actual effect setting. You see, I am an idiot and didn't once think it was an effect. Usually I have Delay as the default effect and just turn the bypass switch on when I don't want it. Well, a while ago, I turned it to the compressor/chorus combo (the only one with the compressor) and turned down the chorus part to get a thicker sound for the amp model I was using. Apparently, I completely forgot I set it to this and figured I had no effects on the entire time because the compressor by itself is not especially obvious.

My initial reaction was to think it was my amp, because a friend of mine had the exact same one and it flat-out died on him. I was afraid this was a sign mine was on its way out too. I tried the tube first. I took like 2 dozen screws out to replace a tube that didn't need to be replaced. All I needed to do was turn a knob. I feel like such a noob it's not even funny.