Hi, there. How do u think about this Roland Cube Guitar Combo Amp? I wanna buy a nice amp. But i'm confusing what to choose. I just googled this Roland. The price looks attractive to me. I'm not sure about its quality. Anyone ever has hand on experience on it? I'm sure there're loads of proffessionals out there. Plz provide some directions about finding a nice amp. Thanks.
Roland Cube is generally regarded as a good Rock/Metal amp around these parts.

If you're looking for advice on what amp to buy let us know what your budget is and what kind of music you play.
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What about a Framus Cobra? Nah just kidding. I'm guessing your price range is around 300 based off of the link, and I'm also guessing you are into rock and metal just like most of us at UG. I think you should look into the Peavey Vypyr. Mine has treated me pretty well and you can get TONS of sounds out of it. The 75 watt Solid State version is only 300 bucks.
I thought they were only decent as practice amps. I don't think I'd ever consider gigging with one.