Hey guys,

I'm part of this year's "going to college and adjusting for dorm life" crop. I've got a POD HD 400 (weird cost situation made it cheaper than the 300). I wanted to know what you guys would recommend for a guy looking for some headphones for playing metal (Metallica, Mastodon, BTBAM, to name a few) as well as a bit of jazz, if the style matters at all.

As far as the rest of my gear is concerned, I'll have a PRS SE Custom 24 and a POD HD 400 with me. I'm willing to throw down up to $120 USD on these headphones. Any suggestions?
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Just be sure you don't buy a 250ohm version of whatever you choose by mistake. They are common in guitar shops that also sell recording gear, and are meant for situations where multiple users are plugged into the same headphone amp. By themselves, plugged into a source that is not a professional level headphone amp, they will be frustratingly low volume.
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