Saw no threads for this band. They flew under the radar probably due to the abundance of other German Metal bands.

Their music is more standard than most German Metal bands of the time but despite their simplicity in a lot of ways, they are very effective at what they do... A representation of their music are as follows.

Between The Lines
In Time

Under Tension:
Shake Off The Hunter
Rock And Roll Rebel
Burning Heart

Masters of Madness:
Intro/Stiletto Heels
Hard Lies

4 and Meanstreak are albums that severed ties with Metal and were much more pop oriented, despite the fourteen year gap in between.

Either way, discuss...
Everybody Dies
Ignorance is NOT just what you DO NOT know but what you WILL NOT know

MY Soundcloud
Tears for toda la alegría que teníamos
Tears for todo el dolor
Las lágrimas de invierno que llevan dentro
Siempre gritar tu nombre
Estas lágrimas de invierno , voy a llorar por ti
Estas lágrimas de invierno , son solamente para usted
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