i just spent literally an hour doing certain patterns slowly with a metronome, then moving faster then i was getting the patterns correct 95% of the time, roughly about 3 minutes per pattern before moving up 4-6 bpm. i then went back to the solo im trying, re-tried the pattern bits and i seem to have got worse?! really really frustrating, but then when i solo along with the song, i play it as good as perfect. the solos stairway to heaven btw if that matters
Take a break for a while, sleep on it. Don't expect to improve instantly. Put the guitar down for a while and stretch out your hands. Once you get frustrated you pretty much have to take a break for a while, because you aren't focused on improving the way you normally are.

Also when you're playing along with it, you may not be as good as you think you are. Could be that you can't pick out your playing from the actual solo, and so it sounds better than it actually is.

Just keep working at it and don't get frustrated, you'll get it down.
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practice it today, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day....

It may takes weeks or months..but its the journey that makes the destination worthwhile
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...i was getting the patterns correct 95% of the time, roughly about 3 minutes per pattern before moving up 4-6 bpm...

^ to re-iterate post above mine... YOu're not going to learn something noticably faster in the space of an hour - regardless of your methods to get faster.
It just doesn't really work that way.

I don't mean to be critical just trying to help... but you should be correct 100% of the time. And you should be able to do it much longer than few minutes...... 3 minute time spans and X BPM tempo increases are really arbitrary. Those type of expecations can set you up for the frustration you feel.

In short, take your time. Don't get too caught up in what happens during one practice. Every practice session is part of a bigger process. There's good and bad days.
When you can learn and then repeat something consistently over multiple practice sessions, then you are moving in the right direction.
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same thing happens to me. I start out going like 20% speed and barely able to keep up, but within 2 hours ive gotten it up to my max speed and am starting to push the speed envelope. but by the next practice session im absolute shit again and have to start at like 15-20% maximum speed. but within 20 minutes im back up to max speed.

The thing is, youre not going to ever in your life just sit down and nail something perfectly AND permanently in practice round. In one practice session youre basically just putting that lick into temporary memory. Over time you will forget it just like you will forget anything else. You just have to keep baning on it until you can do it even when youre dead.

Once you get frustrated though its best to just mo0ve on to something else, because all youre gonna do is slop up all the work youve done so far learning that bit.
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I take it for granted now that unless something is pretty trivial, I won't get it perfect at full speed the first day. But I do find that the next day, after a bit of warm up it comes on real quick. Kinda like making steaks, the first day is all preparation, it needs to marinate over night. The next day is the sizzle.
maby this will give you guys some more insight:

As a neuropsychologist i know that when we learn something our brain makes tiny connections between neurons (its those connections that hold information and not the neurons itself: think like this => when you see a glas and it falls down and breaks, your brain has connected the neurons for glass, falling and breaking (we call this neural-learning) so those connections hold the information about that reality.

Now; when you play guitar (or everything else for that matter) your brain makes small connections (axons) BUT those connections only get stronger during your REM-sleep. (thats why sleeping is so important when learning for an exam because the information is literally being strengthened => thats why we have sayings like "I'll sleep over it", because after a good night sleep the information is more solid).

So if you are learning something on guitar, you are imprinting that information in your brain but it hasn"t strengthened yet (you have to repeat and sleep, and after a couple of those cycles then it is normal you will really notice an improvement).

For the same reasons you can have the illusion you have made no progress in one day.

This is basic neuro-science people.
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i've come back to it today and seen no real improvement. maybe when i properly warm up and focus i'll see an improvement.

can someone please tell me a good way to improve speed on solo runs, thats what im currently focusing on. ive heard just practising with metronomes etc but can someone give me some detail i.e what to do, how long for etc?
there is no concrete answer to "how long"... the best advice i can give you is to play it at the maximum speed that you can play it clean and fully relaxed until it feels slow to you, then speed it up 5 bpm. youll know when it starts to feel slow, trust me. keep doing this for a while, but every now and then bump the tempo up about 20-30 bpm, struggle with it for a very short period, then go back to the old tempo.

If you want to be a faster player overall and not just on one solo, you need to do finger independence exercises, picking exercises, left hand-right hand sync exercises, etc.... practicing shit like the chromatic scale will make you faster at playing the chromatic scale, but thats it. Practicing solos works basically the same way, youll get better at that particular solo, but thats it. Past a certain point it wont help you improve as a player at all.
"When losers say it's over with you know that it's a lie
The gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die"
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