I'm tired , and frankly my back is too, of sitting in front of the computer while learning/reading how to play the guitar + the techniques and theory involved.
I'll be going on vacation this summer and want some reading material that will teach me more about theory and technique.

Please post some of your favorite/ most helpful guitar books you have read or have heard about. My library might have them but I can always buy from amazon.
The Guitar Handbook is pretty good
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what topics are you looking for the books to cover? Give adleast a few topics

mostly theory such as scales, arpeggios, modes, chords, embelishments
I'm only a couple chapters into it, but Piston's Harmony is pretty detailed. It's a bit challenging, but once it sinks in you have a pretty thorough understanding of the material in it.
your better off getting a lick library dvd of your choice,theres some great ones that cover certain bands genres etc,shows u step by step,much better than looking at a book..
If you are into metal.. I might suggest

Troy Stetina's
"Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar"