Hey guys! Thanks for taking time to read this. Yesterday I received a beautiful Samick 12 string guitar. It was from my uncle, who got it from an old friend who is a musician. It appears to have been used well and has some minor dents and scratches, and a finish crack where the arm rests. That aside, as I was running my hand along the body, behind the bridge I noticed a slight buldge. What I don't know is how to be able to tell if it was made that way or not. I would post a pic but the buldge is so small the camera won't even get it. I'm sure it's there because I pul a ruler flat on the body and its not quite flat. Thanks for the info!!
sight down the neck, the bridge should be level with the fingerboard, if it's high it's bellying

also action

also google
The top should have a slight curve behind the bridge. If it's coming up that's a good thing. If it's dipping into the guitar you're in trouble and it needs to be rehumidified asap

Taylor has a good video about this on their website
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