Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here but not new to the site, I use Ultimate Guitar for a resource for my college radio show. Anyway I'm trying to sell my Epiphone Black Eyed Peas signed acoustic guitar and thought somebody here might want it.

I won the guitar as part of national video contest, held by the John Lennon Tour Bus and in conjunction with the Peas' management company. The guitar is brand new, with all of the members signed. Check out the Ebay page here for more info *LINK REMOVED*
Fill free to contact me.
I'll tell you why it's only a matter of time before this thread is locked or moved:

- should be in the classified section

- no ebay links allowed

- needs at least one fluffy bunny
^ Agreed. This is not the right place to sell your equipment. Links to ebay are also forbidden.
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