Today I received a De Armond 12 String guitar from my uncle as a random gift due to him "downsizing." From what I understand it is a primarily jazz guitar but I don't play jazz, I play metal.

I'm thinking new pickups, new strings (lower gauge, lower tuning?) I just want to know what i could do to make this guitar part of my metal arsenal.

So suggestions for what pickups and strings for this guitar would be greatly appreciated.

This is the guitar
Im about to head to bed, but I just wanted to quote the site you linked

"No guitar arsenal is complete without one of these."

It says it right on the site. Id leave it the way it is. hahahaaaaa. jk. Niteee!
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To be honest I'd leave that one the way it is and try to find another 12 string for a reasonable price, buy it and then experiment with it.
I really don't want to leave it the way it is, the way it is I really won't be able to do much with my style and it, I want to make it versatile but mostly heavy. And buying a different 12 string to experiment with just really isnt an option for me.
I have tried, the pickups really dont respond to the low end with distortion nearly as much as I'd like, I'm now thinking of tossing an invader in the bridge position, but not sure about the neck pickup.
Gonna need a price range for those Bare Knuckles and if theyre compatible with my guitar
I went online and found that you can use six string guitar pickups for a 12 string.

The Alnico Nailbomb - £104.00 - £220.00
Cold Sweat - £104.00 - £220.00

The lower priced ones are opened neck, then there's covered, open calibrated, and covered calibrated. They have a few different colors, and a few basic designs.
These are looking to be to expensive for my liking, any ideas of a pick up similar to those that would be good for the neck position?
I'm pretty sure of an invader for the bridge positiion.
An Invader would also work for the neck. It's on Seymour Duncan's site. i don't think they cost that much.
Your guitar has De Armond single coils. Normal size humbuckers wont fit in the routes, and neither will normal size single coils for that matter, so I would leave it stock.

Also, playing a 12 string with extreme distortion kind of defeats the purpose. Put some heavier strings and tune low if you want, but experiment with little amounts of distortion and I think you will find some really cool tones.