So I've heard this is a good book and from what I have seen it's a pretty decent book.
Does anyone have some unbiased things to say about this book? :Guitar Fretboard Workbook
I've heard good things about it and actually picked the same book up today. Looks like a winner to me.
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What is the book about? I've never heard of it until now.

well google IS your friend but basically it teaches you all the "notey" types of things like scales and how to build them, where the notes are on the guitar, chords and basically theory. It's like a workbook that focuses more on writing stuff down and getting the patterns and note into your head.
I have seen that book before. As I recall I didn't think much of it, I was underwhelmed about it. If I'd have liked it, I definitely would have remembered it. I find most MI Books to be less than useful. The lone exception, Music Reading for Guitar by David Oakes. The best book ever in the history of the planet in regards to that subject (Learning to Sight Read for Guitar) , IMO.

Also because how I teach the fret board, any method that is going to use a notebook to teach this is going to be viewed as time consuming and totally unnecessary, by me anyways. But that's not to tell you, "hey don't get it", it's just that I hold a very biased view and opinion about my way of teaching things like that.

So, take my comments with a grain of salt. Do what seems best for you.


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