Recently I've been on a longboarding forum to learn more about it and if I want to do it, and I noticed that on the forum, as well as many videos on Youtube, longboarders generally criticize you for not wearing a helmet and often suggest wearing elbow and knee pads. I think that's interesting because a lot of skateboarders would be the opposite way and make fun of someone for wearing protective gear. I also find longboarders to be nicer, more relaxed people than skateboarders (judging by the amount of hate comments on videos of both).

I don't get involved with much besides UG, so that's all I have. Any other examples? It doesn't have to be sports, or hobbies, it can be anything.
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Stoners and recreational drug users.

That's a good one too.

Similar, gamers. Some are obnoxiously into the game, while others just play for fun. And even people who play a lot can be either one.
On dubstep forum, people hate skrillex. In fact they hate dubstep for some reason most of them produce trance or drum and bass.
it's kind of funny.
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Imagine UG's helpful people and they're all badass and funny.

I'm sorry, but you seem to be implying something.


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Stoners and recreational drug users.

I came in here to post this

Cosplayers come in two flavours.

"OMG I LUV NARUTO KAKASHI IS SO KAWAII <3 <3 <3" types, who are annoying as all hell.
On the other end of the spectrum are the people who actually have lives outside of japanese pop culture, but still cosplay for fun.
gearheads (not just with guitars, with ANYTHING) and people who partake in the subject out of enjoyment.

examples: people with ten $5000 les pauls hanging on their wall who can't play anything other than smoke on the water, and the guy down the street with a cigar box guitar he made in his garage who can play any blues song written before 1960 and most of the ones after.

the cyclist (other hobby of mine) who goes out and buys a $5,000 carbon fiber racing bike, $200 cycling outfit, and can't ride a mile without taking a break vs the guy who has a $500 steel mountain bike and rides ten miles minimum every day.

apply this formula to just about anything.
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