I have been watching this youtube video on how to play eruption.


When he does the part of 5h8p5p0 on fifth string (b) and 8 on the fourth string (g) in quick succession, he plays it cleanly. Ie no other noise from touching other strings. When I do it, even slowly, i get a lot of background noise. Should i be changing how I hold those notes down, or try to mute the other strings with my picking hand?


You should be muting the other strings with both hands at all times anyway so I suggest you work on that.
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Ive had this issue on more recent ones on string skipping quick. Lightly palm mute if its above, workon a lighter touch left handed, if its the e string below work on pulloffs.
yes thanks, was just wondering which hand is more important for muting a string of notes like the one posted. thanks for the replies