Should you care? hell no! but read for lolz

I had my bowl tucked away in my room. It was put in an altoids case and was hiddin in my closet. Safe place right? No one has any reason to ever go in my room anyways, its a dump. a cool spot right? Nope.

Turns out that little shit snuck into my room yesterday (probably to watch porn and blog on fazebook, hell yea!!11!1!) and decided he was gonna snoop around and basically found my bowl. So he showed my mom just to be a douch, and later when my mom confronted me about it sat and laughed the entire time.

Now im not in trouble or anything, my mom used to smoke pot too, she is just a little upset.

What blows is no one finds a problem with the fact that he actually likes to go around and snoop and take peoples shit, and if he werent such a little shit i would give him the beating he needed.

TL;DR my mom should beat my brother more, i blog about it on ug because i love you guys.

I can haz hug now?

EDIT: inb4trololol
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I read.......but I didn't lol

TS fail

Edit: I did lol at the terrible grammer and spelling in this though.....
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Spring-load a trap, to throw poo on him.
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I read.......but I didn't lol

TS fail


alright i'll admit it, i failed
Guess you better hide it better next time. Haha. Never underestimate a child's snooping ability.

Or.. try the spring-loaded trap?
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