I'm sure this has been posted before but i would still like some help/answers. I recently purchased a Martin LX1e for travel and other uses, but it has a slight buzz on the low E string, but this seem to go after using a capo for a while then suddenly come back.

I am wondering if i should just get it fully set up by a professional or will this go as it is a new guitar?

You should always get a new guitar professionally set up as soon as you get it haha

Its not the cheapest thing in the world but it can make an unbelievable difference
Yeah setup is very important, but if you're not braindead you can do it well yourself, factory setup is nearly always shit.
i'd either do it myslf or bring it to a music shop
If the guitar wasn't buzzing while you were playing it in the store, then I imagine it's probably an issue of neck relief. I know plenty of stores offer a free set-up, or at the very least would be willing to make a neck adjustment at a discount.

Like everyone else has said, take it to get it set-up.
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