Hey guys!
I'm planning on getting my first Axe and I saw an Ibanez GRG150DX.. I think its good but can you guys give your opinions? And I know thats its a low quality version of the rg prestige series but other than that, is it better than The Yamaha Pacifica 012 or any other guitar? And my budget is 200 dollars and I cant increase my budget because my parents are getting me the guitar and I've put in all my pocket money too.... And also about the amplifier.... I'm thinking about the Roland 15... Can you suggest some more amps if there are any better ones? And remember my amp budget is a little above 100 dollars..

Thanks guys!
I think the Ibanez is fine. It would be best to play or at least hold the guitar because Ibanez RG's even the Gio ones have a really thin neck. Some people love it and some prefer a neck like the pacifica has (which is more like a fender strat neck). They are both good guitars in that price range.

As a Amp I would rather recommend you a Peavey Vypyr 15. I think that amp would give you more fun as a beginner since it has pretty good amp Models for every thing. If you like the Cube Series I'd rather recomment you the Cube 20XL, 30XL (which may be too loud) or the Mirco Cube.
It would be best to play them and see which one you like the most. If you can't play anything most whop clerks would be willing to demonstrate the amp.