Hello guys,

I badly wanted an RG321MH, but it turned out it completely run out of stock in my country 2 weeks ago...
My alternative would be the RGA32, and I'm unsure which version is better, the ones produced in 2009-2010 with LoZ3 pickups or the 2011 version with a prettier carving of wood and CAP-LZ10 pickups.

Any experience on which version is better (mostly the pickup differences)?
I believe there's also a neck difference between the '09/'10 and '11 models .Wizard II for '09/'10 and Wizard III for the '11.

You might also want to take that into consideration.

As for the pickups, I guess it's up to you to hear which ones are better.
Wizard 2 (2010 model)= Wizard 3 (2011 model)
They have the exact same neck specs

The Wizard 2 on a 2009, has different neck specs
The only difference is that the neck has a 2mm smaller width at the last fret