there is this site called Mooxe that aims to define best products in various categories, among them guitars. And it does so by polling, and not individual guitars but making versus polls between each guitar in the database. Guitars top list an voting is here. http://www.mooxe.com/acoustic-guitars

My questions is why Samick is so high on the list? I myself have a Gibson SJ-200 and a Martin D-28 and love them both but haven't really had any experience with the Samick. Is it really that good?
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Samick makes guitars for quite a few guitar companies. That is to say, they are all made in the same factory overseas.

As to why Samick is so high, I really couldn't tell you. I've played quite a few Samick guitars that weren't all that bad. For the money, they seemed to be quite good. I do know that Samick is planning on really pushing their line over the course of the year, instead of focusing on other companies brands.

But, I don't think that you're going to find a Samick that is going to put your Martin or Gibson to shame.
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lists and polls like this are pretty much useless since new players and players who never took the time to play and compare good quality guitars will skew the vote. the samick is probably a good example of that - they're not bad but they're more entry level than intermediate to high quality guitar.
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Exactly. I've noticed that folks will unhesitatingly recommend whatever guitar they happen to own, whether they've ever had any others.
The best guitar is a guitar hand-made by a skilled luthier, who customizes the guitar to fit your posture and the size/length of your hands/arms and uses the tone woods most appreciated by everyone, which includes the general audience and all luthiers.

Coming close to that is what companies strive for, and while Samick might have these ambitions, I have yet to see a Samick in smaller high-end guitarshops here in Amsterdam, so I doubt they ought to be that high. Not saying that they suck though.