there is this site called Mooxe that aims to define best products in various categories, among them guitars. And it does so by polling, and not individual guitars but making versus polls between each guitar in the database. Guitars top list an voting is here. http://www.mooxe.com/electric-guitars

My questions is why Samick is so high on the list? I myself have a Telecaster and love it, but haven't really had any experience with the Samick. Is it really that good?
The idea that there even is a 'best' is fucking stupid. Hell, I would contend that in a lot of categories of things the 'best' doesn't exist; best is too vague a term for anything meaningful to come out of it in 99% of cases I can think of off the top of my head.

There is often a 'fittest for purpose' but that's such a fluid thing it's useless in such a general way anyway.

In short... that website is a bad idea. Kill it with fire.
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Imagine that an add in the corner from one of the biggest counterfeit guitar sites in China. Yes I totaly trust the"list" on that page.................
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