Hey Guys!

I am an amateur guitarist and i can play a lot of songs on an acoustic guitar...
I'm tired of the acoustic and i am planning to by an electric guitar.....
I saw the Ibanez GRG150DX and i think its good.. Can you guys please help me out? Is it worth it? Any issues? And can you suggest other guitars for me? Please keep it under the 200 dollars price range. I know that it's the budget version of the RG series. But still how good is it for the price. And i'm not looking for awesome quality. After all, it is my first electric guitar.

Thanks in Advance!
i've got a GRG170DX and love it.

still play it though i've got a $1000 (£600) fender strat

so i can imagine the 150Dx isn't bad though i would reccomend the 170DX
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