I'm gonna give you a rundown of my equipment.

Tascam DP-01FX (What I'll most likely End up using to record them)
Behringer Xynex 1224 (with a Behringer red sound card I got with my midi - sadly I gave away my Gray one which worked 10 times better)
Audacity (What I've been using to record with lately)
FL Studio

Nady CM-88 (x2)
Shure SM57
MXL 990
So this guys band wants to record an EP in about a month but with my current equipment the the drums will be a sort of fake stereo. What I was wondering is what mics should go where on the kit? I want to put the Shure on the snare, the Nadys above the cymbals and the MXL on the kick. But I'm worried that using a large Diaphragm on the kick is a bad Idea.

Problem 2: They use a synth. I was thinking about plugging the module straight into the Tascam (Which is what I'm thinking about using to record the whole band). Will that work or should I try something else?
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But I'm worried that using a large Diaphragm on the kick is a bad Idea.

Using a large diaphragm mic on the kick is always a good idea. Using a condenser mic, however, is only a bad idea if it can't handle the SPL, but the 990 can handle a SPL of 130 db, and I'm pretty sure a kick drum doesn't exceed that.
For things like Synths an keyboards, unless going in an amp and micing it, I normally just D.I. them. They, personally, sound better and it's a lot less hassle.

IF you only have 4 mics for the drum kit. Then what I would do with those is use the '57 on the snare, the MXL 900 on the kick, or just infront (With a little EQ), and the CM-88's as stereo overheads. You should be able to get a good, solid, sound out of it.
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