Hey I was planning to buy a Roland Cube 15.. Is it a good amp? How good is the quality.
Or should I consider a marshall MG?
And BTW I'm on a budget so any amp around 100 dollars are ok.
Thanks in advance!
the cubes are great... once you get up to the 30 watt (older) or 40 watt (newer) models. however the 15 and 20 watt versions don't have the amp models which are what, imo, makes them good in the first place. they're not that great, if you ask me. the micro is cool if you don't need much volume (though may still be over budget).

don't much like the mg, nor do most other regulars here.

peavey vypyr or vox valvetronix, maybe? their 15 watt models, while not as good as the higher models, don't lose as many features as the cubes do (I haven't tried the vypyr, though).
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I have the 15x and it has a great clean and metal sound. But the overdrives and distortions aren't too great. I suggest getting the 40xl or the micro cube rx because of the amp models and effects.
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For lower power output, Line 6 Spider IV 15W > all IMO. 6 FX, delay, in-built tuner, PBV pedal output, headphone and CD/MP3 jacks. All you need for less than ~$250 (at least where I live - Romania)