Hey guys!
I'm going to get my guitar soon and I was planning to crash on the GRG170dx but then I say the GRG150DX which looked almost the same but had a pickguard... I think its looks better than the 170dx but i dont know which one is better quality wise..
Any help would be highly appreciated!
I don't know if there are any other differences, but I once had a 170dx and I didn't really like the sound. It has a lot of bass and in my opinion too less brilliance. If thats what you're looking for I'd buy the GRG150dx because I personally think it looks better (and it's 7 euros cheaper where I looked it up ;o)
The guitars are exactly the same.

Based on the model numbers, both are lower quality Ibanez's (1), One is front routed (5) and one is rear routed (7), and both have trems (0). DX means Deluxe model but its not really important. Id take the 170, because Im not a huge fan of pickguards on RG's
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