We Are All Broken

Waking up knowing
Your dreams are just dreams
The life you once had
This is just getting sad
Night after night
You put up a fight
To forget what you lost
So you’ll be alright
Just go into a daze
After the smoky haze
And here we go again
Like Alice
Tumbling down the rabbit hole
Quite a familiar feeling
There’s something off
But you’d never know
You just keep your cool
And you start to glow
This familiar place
That familiar face
For what seems like days
You’re in a delirium
You wish you could stay
But you end up hearing them
Take you out of this world
And back to the real one
It’s not real
Don’t start to think it was
It will only do you harm because
You are whatever she needs you to be
Nothing more than an object
There’s nothing you can do to correct
Yourself from becoming a wreck
Just accept the facts
And hide the truth
Just let the dismay
Swallow your youth