Basically I'm going to be doing some parttime work, and I'm getting a new guitar and amp (Epiphone Nighthawk, Traynor YCV50B) and I currently have an Epiphone Special 2 which I'm looking to mod a good bit

I've already gone through the new paintjob with an artist friend, who'll be helping me with that, but I'm also looking at upgrading pickups and tuners.

I'm hoping to make it into a more Hair metal guitar, but can still get fairly good distorted blues tones aswell, and I'm wondering what pickups, tuners, and what else should I upgrade? I'd say 300-400 euro on the upgrades? but then again I'm not sure how much I'll have in the end.

Thanks in advance
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A Floyd would be useful, but that might throw things out of your price range a bit. Get some solid Grover tuners and a Seymour Duncan Distortion or maybe Dimarzio Deactivator in there and she'll do the job for now. Then look into a locking nut and some kind of trem (like a Floyd Rose or a Schaler) when you have a bit more cash.
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I'd suggest installing a push/pull pot that swap the polarity of one of the humbuckers, so when using both together they are out of phase.

This can sound great, a real dirty throaty sound, like a cheap *****. Think Peter Green when lightly overdriven, but you can go wild and distort the tits off it to great effect.

Simple. cheap, effective.

- Richard
Dookie, do you have any clips of that effect? Personally I can't get that sound into my head (I have summer brain)

and I'm looking at a Bridge and Neck pickup, I'll have a look at the Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio, but what pickup for the neck? It is still a guitar for some blues aswell as hairmetal, with a small possibility of trash.
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Hmmm. A high output bridge humbucker has been mentioned - my only concerns would be matching tone/output with the neck.

The YCV50B will do wonderful blues tones on its own; so long as you pair it with a smooth neck pickup. I never tried to see if it could pull off hair metal, but from what I did hear when I tried it, it's not ... terribly well suited to it, even with the boost.

I think your best bet for hair metal out of a YCV50 while still being able to pull off good blues tones would be a footpedal.

Throw a hot pickup in the bridge and a smooth pickup in the neck, and then get yourself a gain pedal IMO.
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Actually, what inkandlead said is the way. Gibson 500T paired with a Gibson 496R is an amazing combination for everything really. I have them in my Explorer Pro and the bridge is super tight with massive output, and the neck is really smooth but equally as powerful. In the middle position it gets an amazing clean Phish style tone.
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