Alright well first off, i don't know if this is the right place to be posting this kind of forum, however i would appreciate responses. I'm in a band that plays alternative rock, kind of like a day to remember, or three days grace, breaking Benjamin, ect. (kind of different, but gives a feel) and i also like to play music like this separately away from the band. I also like to play jazz, classic rock, punk, metal, all sorts. So i would very much like a guitar that does all of this, a guitar thats versatile, but one that sounds good with metal if it had to. So with all that being said, which guitar should i get? Ibanez s420 or Fender Tele Standard.

Ibanez : http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-S420-Electric-Guitar-105805725-i1499766.gc

Fender: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Standard-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar-105156830-i1432037.gc#

Also if there is another guitar you should suggest please do so, my price range is about 500 or below, MAYBE something above. And also, if it isnt to much trouble, could i get a suggestion on an amp that i could use for these styles as well, one that i could use during gigs.
The bridge systems of both guitars are completly different. The S420 has a ZR Floyd and the Fender is a string through fixed bridge. Hard to compare one to the other since they're so different. Pickups are apples to oranges with both guitars
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Heavier stuff, Id say the Ibanez. Bluesy stuff, anything thatwants a twangy sound. teh tele.

More importantly, try them out. See which one works better.

Youtube has a vid of Misha doing Djet with a tele so it can do bt00tz ok
I would actually go for the Tele I think, with the reasoning that I don't get as many frets, but I could change the bridge pickup for a medium output level pickup (humbucker in singlecoil format, or just true singlecoil), and then change the bridge pickup into a warmer true single coil pickup... But that's just me.
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does it only have to be from those two guitars?

maybe check out a fender blacktop tele.
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thanks guys for your help, im going into guitar center to test them out this weekend. So hopefully that will help.
The ibanez is a great guitar (mine is really similar and might he the best guitar I've ever played) but you'll probably want to replace the pickups further down the road. I would suggest the Dimarzio tone zone/ PAF pro combo.
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