Im a prog metal guy, who try to get into jazz. I really like the song in the link i posted, and wondered if you guys know about more music like this. I just love the vibe and feeling i get out of it. I have lisened to some jazz like pat metheny, but it sounds kinda diffrent from this.
Whoa! This is fricken amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. Pat Martino is one of the most notable jazz guitarists of our time, but the style is very different, his feels like big band jazz. This is sweet. Al Di Meola is like jazz fusion. He's probably closer to this than Pat. Man, I've never really heard anyone take this kinda modern take on Jazz. I think it's cuz everyone likes the standards so much, they don't go away from it. Do they do other stuff like this?
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i think you'd be better suited to asking this in the alternative & indie forum. this doesn't have any of the characteristics of jazz.

you might like nick cave and the bad seeds:


or some ATDI (blurring line between indie and hardcore)


and snowing:


but what you posted sounds nothing like jazz.
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clean guitar =/= jazz

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