Hey UG

Ive been playing guitar for about 6 years, I feel like I am a confident player, however i want to start absolutely nailing all my techniques.

Can anyone suggest a good practise routine, and also tell me where i can get some good exercises to use?

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I don't really follow a practice routine but am planning to!
1)theory comes to practice!
2)Songs and breaking down
4)Jam track soloing
5)Writing your own songs( optional)
6)UG? ( I think this could be a good excersise of theory, however you will need a theory book on the hand or alot of knowledge of it).
I don't have a very strict regimen for practice, but I follow this general guideline:

1) Warm-up: at least 5-10 mins of something that keeps your fingers moving. I really focus on economy of motion here.
2) Practice: Techniques and learning other people's songs.
--> When learning songs, play it slowly with a metronome and slowly build up speed until you can play at concert tempo unless it's simple enough for you to play correctly from the get-go.
3) Perform: The last 10-20 mins of practice is for playing songs I already know to:
a) pound them into my memory through repetition,
b) play expressively and
c) simulate a performing situation (where you only get one chance at each section instead of being able to start over and repeat as many times as necessary.)

Adjust the times for your practice schedule, just don't overdo it. If you feel the need to practice for several hours every day, at least break it into several smaller spaced-out segments.
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