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This opening riff for the song Relentless Chaos by Miss May I is kinda annoying me, and I think it'd be awesome if you all could halp me. Thanks!
Here's the song:

well it depends if youre better at downpicking or alternate picking just slow it down and bring the speed up (pick which one you like better downpicking or alternate in terms of sound or whatever looks cooler to you or w/e floats your boat). some encouragement is that once you know how to play one of these songs your picking hand is set because all metalcore riffs like these are essentially doing the same thing with your picking hand so yeah (especially miss may I once you can play one of their riffs you can play all of them)
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Now I need to figure going about fast downpicking without accidentally galloping. Because I suck at alt. picking and really hate it on weird beats like the one in this song
is that singer a girl or guy? looks like a women from the holocaust. no disrespect to them in any of course.

Just slow it down and alt pick it..and practice it for lots of time use a metronome start off slow so your brain can get used to the motions.

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I say alt picking it just sounds like your typical palm muted riff with higher notes being played fast like every band like them like bullet, atreyi, and such... not dissing I like those bands.. just saying