i want to start writing songs but i cant write lyrics

It seems im just not confident enough to write them? idk i guess everything i write i think is horrible and i throw away. any ideas? im not particularly a fan of writing so maybe thats it?
To be honest stevo, thats the whole point of this forum.

The whole concept of this section is so you can put up your lyrics anonymously. Thus confidence has nothing to do with it.

It doesnt matter if there horrible or not, here people will give you there honest opinion, and even give you tips.

The only way to write good lyrics is to write, re-write and keep writing.

Its like everything, you start rubbish and the more you practice the better u'll get.

so just go for it, chuck some lyrics on and give us a look.

Your already your own worse critic, lower your expectations when you first start. Cliché? cheesy? everyones been there.
I think pretty much everybody starts out in the position you're in, and a lot of times we never really grow out of it in a way. If I were to look back on stuff that I wrote a few years ago, I'm sure I'd think it was pretty terrible, and I'll probably think the same in a few months about what I write now. The thing is to get comfortable with what you write as you write it.

A writer I look up to told me:
Write, all the time. It doesn't matter if it's crap, just do it. That's how you practice. A basketball player doesn't break out of a slump by giving up and waiting for it to pass; writing's no different.

Keep trying, and don't throw out any old ideas, keep them somewhere, even if it's just a few lines, because there might be something in there that you can work with. You might regret it if you throw out lyrics you think suck. It's happened to me.

And one more thing: don't be over-critical of what you write. It's hard not to, but look at some of the lyrics to music out there; even good songs don't have to be terribly impressive lyrically. Don't worry about making incredible metaphors or astounding people with mind-blowing lyrics (unless you're going for specifically that, in which case, good luck, it can be quite hard), just write what feels right. You can always go back and touch things up, so long as you still have them.

And you can take it from me, I'm majoring in Writing, and I started out hating writing when I was young. Keep at it.
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