Ok so I have decided to finally give sweep picking a try, and thought I'd start out with Bleeding Mascara as it only incorporates 3 strings.


So..I just wanted to check the direction of "picking". I've heard some people say hammer-on/ pull-off the 17, but seems like that might be wrong?

Would it be D-D-D-U-D-U-D or D-D-D-U-D-U-U..or something else possibly?

Okay so it seems H/P is the way to go..I wasn't sure if this might hinder me later on when learning more advanced stuff.

Really ideally you should have the skills to choose whether to pick those top notes or not but that doesn't matter right now. I think the 'right' way to play that is to go:

D, D, D, U pull off, U, U repeat.
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pull off might be hard at first, so try to get used to the shape, and build speed and then u'll do it fluently.
I personally learned it picking those top notes, and I found that later on I could easily play it with hammer-ons and pull-offs without much practice, but then again it took a bit longer to learn it picking everything.