OKAY!! So I was bored this morning and decided to look further into what EXACT equipment Paul Gilbert uses. I am a big Paul Gilbert fan, and if you are too I am sure you have noticed that it seems like he has about a MILLION AND A HALF different, wacky effects pedals that he uses on a regular basis. So I decided to go onto youtube and look for videos where you can see his pedalboards (or the ones where he actually explains what he is using at the time) and figure out which EXACT pedals he was using. Then I went to that Vendor's main website to look up the most current prices for this equipment (If the prices were not listed on the Vendor's website, they usually had third-party dealers listed from which where I got prices from instead). Now, this list that I made is NOT going to provide you the EXACT pedalboard configurations that I saw. As I was making the list, after an hour or so I began to see that he loves to interchange several pedals regularly. For Example: He may use a Boss Chromatic Tuner for one gig, then use another brand's pedal tuner for another gig. Though, this is just one minor, basic example of how that can be applied to his many other effects, like flanger (although now, he does have his own signature model flanger made by Ibanez, so he does opt to usually use that in most cases), chorus, fuzz, distortion, overdrive, phaser, etc.!! And before I do post the list let me mention a few more things.

ONE being that this list DOES NOT necessarily mean that Paul Gilbert is directly endorsing any of these products or promoting the sale of these particular brands. Though he does have a few that bear his name on them, all of the other pedals listed, quite simply, just happen to be pedals that he uses. Nothing more. I just want to make sure people don't start thinking that I am trying to use this thread to boost his sales or the sales of the products that I am about to list. That is NOT the purpose of this thread!! NOR DO I DIRECTLY ENDORSE ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS LISTED!!

TWO being that the purpose of this list is TO EDUCATE AND TO ENLIGHTEN PEOPLE on what aids Paul Gilbert to create some of the sounds and tones that are iconic to his style. For those of you who are reading this thread, I assume you are trying to figure out how you can create these, or similar, tones when you plug in your guitar or you are just curious about what equipment he has used, in general. Using this list should aid those trying to figure out specific pedal configurations that creates sounds that are similar to his style.

THREE being that this list IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!! I really DO hope that those of you who do actually read this and look at the list I came up with, will maybe on your own time, try to look for other pedals that he may have used, or pedals he currently uses, perhaps to see if something is missing from the list and do some further research into the most current prices of this equipment as well. I was extremely shocked when I saw that he still uses pedals from back in the late 1980's and early 1990's from time to time. It seems like since about that time, Paul Gilbert has simply grown his "Pedal Library," (if you will) and hasn't really given up or done away with much of the equipment that he may have used 10-20 years ago. He often pulls them out of the closet (figuratively speaking...) and will use them in place of maybe an updated model or more current technology on occasion.

So I hope everyone enjoys the FIRST ENTRY of this GROWING LIST of guitar equipment used by Paul Gilbert. I apologize for the beginning being a really LONG narrative and description of what this thread will be about. I just wanted to make sure I was clear on my purpose for creating this thread, what will be included and not included in the making of this list, and my future hopes of this list. If you have any questions about any of the items listed (prices, brands, how I found them, etc.) feel free to ask me on this thread. Also if you want to add possibly LITTLE, SHORT descriptions of some of these items that you are not so familiar with, you are welcome to do that as well. This is my VERY FIRST POST ON ANY TYPE OF BLOG!! I really hope this is beneficial to all those who read this!! ENJOY AND KEEP PICKING!!

******Once I finalized the list, I tried to copy-and-paste into this window and it reformatted my text to look funny. So, I DID CONVERT it to a PDF FILE so everyone can download a copy of their own, save it somewhere else, make changes, and repost an updated list if they want to!! PLEASE UPDATE if you discover MISSING ITEMS from the original list!! Thank-you!!******
List of guitar equipment used by Paul Gilbert_DRAFT3.pdf