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I'm offering my pedal building and modifying services to you, I'm based in the UK but will post worldwide.

Somethings I've built before include the following pedals: Fuzz Face, Big Muff, Fuzz Factory, various One Knob Fuzzes, Super Hard On, a few Devi Ever fuzzes, various kits from BYOC, Klon Centaur. I can do multiple pedals in one box if that's something you're interested in.

I've also modified a few pedals such as Big Muffs and Small Clones so I may be able to help if you're looking for something to be modified.

Here's some pictures of some of the pedals I've built previously:

Here's a video of the Green Russian Big Muff and Germanium Fuzz Face dual pedal that I custom built for a user here:

Get in touch if there's anything you'd like built, I have lots of good feedback in the good/bad traders thread here

There's also a link in my sig for things that I've already built/modified which I update regularly.
could you make a fuzz. like one that would sound like the clash
I like shotguns. thats all you need to know
Would it be possible for you to make a Univox Super-Fuzz? If you could I might be interested.
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I'm looking for a nice smooth overdrive sound, sort of like the lead guitar in Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I love that sound think you could make something like that? Maybe just like a pedal with just the stomp function and a volume?
do you ship to the americas? if so, can you make a hybrid dod250 that uses a 12ax7, and also has a second switch for a light fuzz?

kinda like the jekyll and hyde, but a dod250 and fuzz instead.
with a oscillating switch for both effects, and also a feedback for both.

that i can trigger on each effect individually or both effects together.
If you could message me your email address then I can copy and paste the message I sent yesterday into an email for you. UG's messaging system is notoriously poor. It's made even more confusing by having two messaging systems. I use the one found in the profile not the one shown at the top of the forum if you haven't checked that inbox.
Hey man could you do something similar to one of the old Boss HM-2 pedals by any chance?
I was wondering if you could build me a blend pedal? input, effect loop, blend level for loop, and a phase inverter switch? preferably active?

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I've always loved Minor Threat's guitar tone(s). I don't know if you are familiar with their work but I was wondering if you build build me a distortion pedal that accentuates the trebly punk tone. I would be grateful sir!
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how much are your prices? (for USA based people) cause im not exactly rich LOL, and far as I know people who hand make pedals usually sell them for like $120++
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