OK quality

(don't worry, both are stream'able )

So I guess that this one's just as cheesy as the previous song that I uploaded but I spent much more time on recording this one.

I'm going to use this song as a demo for my girlfriend later on so it's slightly high for my voice at times.

The drums are just midi written in guitar pro and converted into pretty decent sounding mp3. The rythm guitar is dubbed with acoustic guitar almost through out the whole song and gives it a sound that I really love!

I'd really need some crit on the mix of the track since I'm going to remix it later on with my girlfriend on vocals.

C4C of course, I'll crit your stuff if you crit mine !
Covers are also welcome!
Heh, I don't mind the cheese, overall very life-affirming track.

The guitar and bass sound great, but I really would've liked some real drums. They stand out rather sorely productionwise.

Would've maybe like the background melodies on lead guitar to be a bit louder, and the solo a bit quieter actually, or possibly with some reverb on it to move it backwards in the soundscape - right now it feels very in your face.

Your singing's really, really great, and only on the very highest notes is it at all noticeable it isn't your best register. Nice production on vox, too.

Songwriting's solid, but the fade-out feels way, way too fast. I was all "no, song! where are you going?".

All in all a really nice, happy track!
i was gonna say how this sounds like 80's glam rock, but then i saw some of the pages you liked, then it all made sense..... haha. definitely a good song. very positive sounding. not something you get alot on UG. its refreshing. great guitar solo in there too. really takes the whole song to a different level as opposed to just showing off. something else you dont see alot of on UG.

the mix was good, but that may just be my taste. i understand the vocals are again not something regular on UG, but i feel they are too loud in the mix. id say turn them down just a hair. i only noticed one part you mentioned where it was a bit out of your range. so you handled it very well.

the guitar tones were good. guitars werent too loud. the drums didnt sound great, but from how you got them, its excuseable.

c4c? its in my sig.
Lol at your facebook pic, it made sense when the song starting playing. Sounds very 80's rock to me, which is not a bad thing, I love me some 80's rock, and you did a great job at getting that tone and sound, but of course alot better quality.

The mix sounds pretty good to me, just the drums need some work, quality wise. I thought the entire song was well thought out and executed.

Thanks for the crit btw, I'll try and work on them drums.