Working on a track that might be used for a indie (super super indie) game's trailer, if it turns out good enough. Would love some feedback, good and bad, on it. Feel like I could use another set of ears than my own right now.

The game is set in a high fantasy medieval fantasy setting, with a relatively light and positive feel to it, so I tried to capture both a sense of adventure and war to come as well as a more sweet feel. The storyboard for the trailer isn't actually done yet so the music might be rewritten but we both wanted to see what I could come up with first.

I've uploaded it to my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/descara/music/all/play1019572
EDIT: new version (see post below): http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/descara/music/all/play1020470

Your thoughts on mix, programming, orchestration, structure, everything, are much appreciated! Especially the flow of the intro and if the lower registers feel fat enough (last draft I sent the lead wanted more bass).

If you want C4C, just drop a link here!
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Still needs more bass I think.
Starting at around 1:13!

It fits the mood you described very well.

To be honest, I'm very impressed. The mix sounds really great, and the structure of it is perfect.
But as I said, at around 1:13 it's about time for a goosebumpinducing bassdrone.
To leave a more powerful memory when the trailer is over.

Great job bro!

This is really awesome. The song builds nicely up to around the 1:10 mark. At that point I felt there could have been even more epic bass and string stuff going on. I was kind of expecting a "burst" of harmonies if that makes sense. Not sure how "epic" you want the music to be, but some nice rumbling bass probably couldn't hurt.

The instruments sound really good as a whole, and the mix is clear. The percussion was pretty well done, but I felt it could be louder at certain points (like around the midsection I mentioned above).

All in all though, trailer music depends on what's exactly going on in the trailer itself. So yeah, it's a very good piece the way it is. Only increase the bass and percussion if you need more "epicness" for it.
The mix and sound is quite excellent. I wish the entirety could be a bit more brighter though, just personal preference. I feel like around 1:00 the composition should really just burst there, percussion instruments really kick in or something. I like the mood and atmosphere, all of this is really quite well done.

Also, as a sidenote, the bass levels sounded fine to me, I think adding too much more might fuzz it up too much.
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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Especially about 1:10, for some reason I was stuck focusing on the solo instruments. I've rearranged that part to give it more of an epic feel. Heightened the bass a bit as well, but trying to keep it within reason. Also tinkered a bit with the drums to try to give them more body.

Would love some feedback on the new version! Mix might be a bit weird 'cause I couldn't use anything but my headphones, but I tried to reference it with the earlier version and other soundtracks.

link: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/descara/music/all/play1020470

EDIT: just listened to it through some other sources, yech. But at least I can y'alls thoughts on drums and the 1:10 section, hopefully.
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I'm liking this! The music suits the title perfectly. Noble and intent.

Tympanis effective. Good build up. Reminds me a little of Terminator 2 main theme, opening chords reminiscent of some Elmer Bernstein scores.

I would tweak just a couple of note-lengths in the melodic sections (at around 0:52) to improve the flow, remove some of the mechanical sound they have at the moment. That's probably down to taste.

Very good cue.
Woah, this is really epic. :O And the production is amazing as well. Throughout the entire piece, I kept trying to convince myself the instruments sounded programmed, but it sounds all too real. I can't comment on the bass since I'm not listening on monitors at the moment, but it sounds REALLY good at this point. And the build up is pretty cool too. What did you use for the percussion by the way?

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1458479