Hi everyone.

I recently purchased a kiso suzuki 9500 classical guitar from a charity shop for £40.
It had a broken tuning post which i replaced and i have to say that the tone is fantastic and the conditiond is great.
Im not having much luck finding much about these guitars. There is no serial that i can see so think it would be very difficult to date. I read that the company went out of business in 1987 so it has to be at least 24 years old right?
All i can hope for is to find out when this model was put into production and when they ended production.
Have any of you guys came across one and are able to help me date and price this.

I will upload images of the guitar later

Any help greatly appreciated

Give ebay a try. I came across one on there that a guy was trying to sell for $400, and it was a lot like yours.

Mind you, who knows if it's actually worth that.
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hi i have a kiso suzuki 9500 bought it on ebay for £38 years ago but sadly it has been a wall hanger ever since it has a bowed neck and as i had a gitane dg255 and a gitane d500
at the time i didnt spend much time playing it .
but as time went buy i sold both gitane guitars and i still have the suzuki i have a gretsch 6120 now and a few other guitars so i still get the urge to play a classical now and then.
my problem whith classical guitars is i just dont know how high the action should be so when i played the kiso suzuki i knew it sounded amazing but the action was too high to do what i could on my gypsy gitane guitars so i left it.
at the moment i dont have it strung i was considering having it repaired or customised to have a longer neck but maybe not.
but i dont know the cost of such a repair would be worth it in the end
if i spent £200 having the neck bow fixed then that would justify the price of the guitar.
in my opinion a 9500 in good playable condition should be worth at least £300-£400 but the thing with guitars when you spend over £300-£400 you really have to try the guitar then the value can become higher thats where the suzuki's become so cheap no one can find them in shops and hardly ever on ebay now. i havent seen many thats why i bought mine on a whim.
i will upload some pics i noticed the back of my 9500 has no binding on the back of the guitar and the label is hand written where your label has been printed.
if you still have the guitar could you let me know the height of the strings on the 12th fret or where it joins the body . this will give me a reference on how high the action should be on mine
Hi bit late to the post i've just joined. I have a kiso suzuki 9500. It was my fathers and i know he got his hands on it about 40 years ago in the 70's (i actually asked him yesterday). dunno if this is any help.
ive just seen a 9500 £29.00 with also a tuning peg broken if these need a neck re-set its uneconomical in most cases so i think i will leave it . i should think classical guitar action should be 3mm from top of 12th fret to bottom of low e-string. im not an expert but i had to have 5 year old used taylor104 neck removed easy on a tailor as they are not glued like the suzuki . im not sure what the luthier did to get the neck how it should be.... so a 40 year old suzuki guitar that has had 200lbs of pressure on its neck im sure there will be problems you would have to be very lucky to have a low action on that guitar
Quote by youngalistai
so a 40 year old suzuki guitar that has had 200lbs of pressure on its neck im sure there will be problems you would have to be very lucky to have a low action on that guitar
FWIW, and in the spirit of accuracy, a classical string set doesn't have "200 Lbs of tension", nor anything close to it.

Go to this page: http://www.daddario.com/DADProductFamily.Page?ActiveID=3768&familyid=33&productname=EXP_Coated and click the "family tension chart" button.

You'll see even the highest tension nylon strings have less than 100 Lbs tension.

I'm not saying the actions of these older guitars isn't too high, nor that they would not likely need a neck reset. Both things are entirely possible. You just have the tension numbers dead wrong.

200+ pounds of string tension doesn't happen until you hit "acoustic heavy", (for resonator or "Dobro"), baritone, or a 12 string set. (all obviously steel string sets).
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