My latest creation, using the best tone I have, which I think is epic. It might be metal, but I wrote it intending it to be more heavy rockish sounding....

The bridge is a tad bit sloppy, it was a weird timing I picked. Solo is a structured improv.

Tell me what ya'll think, and what I should improve on.

the 'verb almost gives it a Satriani feel to it. if satch was ever that heavy.... the riff at about 2:48 was cool. i liked how it bridged into the last part of the song. simple and heavy. i think the mix was good for the most part other than the lead guitar was a bit too loud. the reverb gives it the "spacey/distant" feel, which i thought was awesome, but the volume just negated all of that.

all in all a well done track. i listened to some other random clips on your profile, but there are just so many its not even funny!
Sounds great man, just the sliding at the beginning didn't grow on me and you're right you might wanna work on the start of the bridge, other than that awesome tone and sound
I'd say that it' a bit more low and drums need some more bite.
Especially the bass drum and the snare. Allthough they just might be a bit low in the mix.

Sounds better att 3:10 though!
This could definatly use some metal vocals! I'm thinking a mix of pantera and Lamb Of God

Cool riffs bro!

Now how about some C4C on something that's perhaps totally not your cup of tea ?
I like both guitars' tones. There are some heavy riffs here. Liking it so far. Some of it gets repetitive, but I think it's just the lack of vocals that makes it that way. Good playing, but some leads should be a bit more complex to give it more flare. Love 3:10 on the most out of anything. Sick rhythm. Get some vocals already. I agree with Evil_Magician about the Pantera/Down vocals. Would work very well.

C4C? May not be what you'd listen to, but give it a shot. Might just like it.
Cool track sounds a bit like Alice in Chains in the beginning. You have some nice eerie sounding melodies going on but they don't really develop too much throughout the track. I dunno maybe you could build up to a big crescendo at the end or something? The bridge part where you throw around some riffs and stuff sounds really good and is a nice change from the slower paced beginning part. I like both the rhythm and lead tones they work well together. Overall really sweet track man, wanna check my latest one, it's called Envenomate: