Hey folks

I'm looking for a good, analog sounding guitar pedal to produce some ambient delay or mod-delay type sounds for atmospheric passages in the mould of Isis and Cult of Luna. I haven't had the time to sit down with my Nova System and really experiment with the settings as it's currently locked in our rehearsal room. So I don't know whether or not I'll be able to produce the desired sounds - but something tells me it won't

Today I found a video of Isis frontman Aaron Turner doing a presentation of his usual live rig. For some of their atmospheric stuff he uses the Line 6 DL4 and a Boss RV-3/RV-5. I've previously owned both the DL4 and the RV5 but I never could settle for a good sound with any of them - I found them both to be a bit sterile and lifeless (in lack of a better word). Sure, the DL4 is immensely versatile and is capable of producing some pretty sweet tones, but still there's just something about it that doesn't really do it for me - lacks character in a way, I dunno...?

I read somewhere that one of the guitarists of Cult of Luna uses an old Space Echo (the big old school monster version) - but there's just no way I would ever consider spending that kind of money on a single effect. Plus I can't really fit it onto my board, you know ;-) And I don't want to carry around a big box like that for gigs and such. But what about the Stompbox version from Boss - the RE-20? Is it any good compared to the big old mofo? I listened to it on Youtube and it seems like an ok pedal but it's hard to judge from a videoclip...

I'm very open to other pedals as well, I just don't want them sounding too digital. I would like a pedal with several delay types on tap (like the DL4) but it's not a decisive factor for me, as long as it's capable of the big atmospheric delays.

The type of sound I'm looking for can be heard here.

- looking forward to your suggestions
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