Ive been doing recordings for a while on YouTube now, but only recently actually done a few videos that I actually like.
Finding it quite hard to get my views up, and some constructive criticism, on my technique etc...
Any body fancy taking a look?
Thanks in advance
Hey dude,

Nice playing! Granted, it's not really the stuff i play or listen to... but solid playing is solid playing.

My only criticism would be to try to develop more of a feeeeeel for things. It looks and sounds like you're getting so caught up in playing the 'right' notes, that there is a total loss of feeling involved. Relax a bit! The thing about bass, is that it's SO percussive, any time we speed up or slow down it's REALLY noticable.

Other than that, keep it up! FWIW: I dug the 5 string Peavey's tone a bit more than the Yamaha's tone.
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