For my birthday, i am getting 50-60$ to spend and i am looking for a distortion pedal. I really have no clue which ones sound any good. I play mostly metal like iron maiden and i play some thrash. The distortion on my amp is good enough at low levels for anything softer. Some suggestions would be nice.
Save up another 40-50 bucks and get a hardwire tl-2 or an mxr fullbore, whichever sounds better to you. If you have a modeling amp, don't waste your money on a pedal because most dont take pedals very well.
first let me get the "dude you need a new amp" response out of the way.

on your budget try the Delatalab Metal Distortion. will do what you want within the limitations of your amp. suprisingly good pedal for the money with many good tones on tap.