I was mainly a guitarist that sometimes played bass for church bands or variety shows based on the need for it but now in my band I got shifted around and I am playing bass. Currently I play a Squire P-Bass through a line 6 spider 3. I've decided to sell my guitar gear and buy myself a new bass and amp. After selling my guitar stuff I'll have about $1000. I'm pretty much decided on a Fender Blacktop P-Bass but I'm not sure on an amp. I've heard acoustic and ampeg are good. I want a powerful combo and I have $500. Suggestions for a bass or amp? I have scanned craigslist but I am located in colorado springs and or denver and surrounding areas. Thanks guys
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
Line 6 Lowdown 200-300 watt.

I know a lot of people hate them but Ive played Line 6 for a long time and I love the tones you can get out of them. Also its probably the loudest combo you can find.
my vote goes for an acoustic b200 half stack. a 410 or a 115 cab will both be right in your price range.

but I wouldn't sell all your guitar gear, its best to hang on to it, unless you never plan on playing guitar again.
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Well I still have an acoustic guitar. But for live music applications I've always played bass. I'll check both those out
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
Acoustic are great amps for the low price.
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+1 on the Acoustic. i had a B200H and the B115. got both for $400. 200w. good sound. they also have a combo version. as for ampeg, ive heard people say their low end stuff isnt great but dont have personal experience.
You must have a lot of guitar stuff if you expect to get $1000 out of all of it. You'll be lucky to sell the spider for $75
Yeah I know spiders are shit haha. I'm not a noob that just ended up being an entry level amp 4 or 5 years ago.
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell