Chorus on the first one

3:50-4:08 on the second one just sounds like ridiculous amount of distortion
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That sounds like a flangered delay. Or chorused delay. Anyways. Hope that helps.
I don't know so much about the papa roach song though, kinda shitty audio so I can't figure it out.
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Flangered delay? Chorused delay? Mix of two pedals o suppose. The Papa Roach song could be some fuzz or dist pedal right?
I'm pretty sure the first one is a phaser... although, chorus, flangers, and phasers all sound sorta similar with the right settings.

The second one is just a distorted guitar. Maybe a bit of reverb... I think what you're hearing is dissonance. Notes that are close to each other in pitch, normally a half step or more away. The wavelengths sort of conflict and sound like some sort of effect, but it's not.

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On the Papa Roach song I can hear that it is some kind of crunchy-flangy thing on. Listen to it in HD so you can hear clearly.