I am looking to get my first 7 string guitar. I was recommended these 2 guitars. I like the price of the Ibanez right now it would be $495 shipped brand new compared to $650 of the Agile. I like the look of the Agile more though the Natural Ash and the head stock just appeals to me more than the black of the ibanez. I like both though looks just prefer the Agile.

I heard the Ibanez pups aren't great and I should replace them. Not heard much about the pups in the Agile.

What would you all recommend?
It;s between these 2 guitars

Thanks in advance
I'd say the Agile, as it really does look better, probably has better pickups, and Grover tuners. But I'd personally get one that's a 27" scale length. Actually, I'd keep an eye out on eBay for a used Ibanez RG7621.
I'm not much of a fan of Agiles natural finishes. There's so may of them out there and they just look boring to me. Agiles quilts are amazing though. Their purple quilt <3
The Ibanez will have a thinner neck than the Agile. Both will have similar body styles. Another thing to look at would be the normal hardtail bridge on the ibby vs. the TOM on the Agile. I personally have no preference but some people can't stand TOM and some can't stand a normal hardtail.

Why not a 27" scale for the Agile? I'm wondering because I have to special order my strings due to the 25.5" scale on all my 7's.

Both of the guitars will need a pickup upgrade eventually. The Agile pickups aren't as bad as the ones in the RGA, but they are pretty close.

Definitely look for an Ibanez RG7421 or RG7621 used though. They were made in Japan like the Prestiges are today. I have 3 of them. They are all 10 years old and beat up, but they still feel like a Prestige in your hands and I got each of them for less than half of the guitars your looking at.
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Used 7621/7421 or a 2nd hand Carvin DC727

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I just love the way the natural ash looks to be honest, and didn't see a 27" in my price range on the site. Plus like this is my first 7 didn't know you had to get custom strings. I've just heard all good things about Ibanez 7's from multiple places. I just really liked the look of that Agile just didn't know if the extra 150 would make it worth it. By the sounds of it not at the time... I will continue to look around for those you said though.

Thanks guys
Agile is ok, but compared to a MIJ Ibby 7, it is a toy really

a 7621 with a pup swap is a guitar that will last your forever imo

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
Look into a used agile or carvin if you cant find a MIJ ibanez. They're good quality but dont have as much resell value as bigger brands like fender, gibson, etc.
I read more reviews of the rga7 to many bad reviews. Guess I will be looking into used ibbys on ebay. Wish me luck
Whereabouts do you live? Whats the closest major city? We can check your cl, kijiji, etc.
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I actually plan on selling the 7420 once I refinish it. But that one actually looks like a pretty good deal dude. I'd probably buy that right now if I had the cash. Like actually haha.
I got it on my watch list haha. But it's not a buy it now so I was wondering how high would still be a good price on it.