momma calls me lazy so my teachers call me retard
daddy doesn't love me so the whole world calls me bastard
i'm the only nigga in my white town, so you can see
that i'm the shit stain in sunnyvale's pearly white undies
fingered a singer stuck my tongue between her dirty pussy lips
later kissed my momma, she said my breath smelt like a dead fish
pumpin iron hoping one day i'll be pumpin bithces freely
but in the end its only white girls that will ever really see me
so when i'm ****ing her i just imagine ****ing halle berry
cuz i'm better when black jim carries imaginary black pussy cherries
and at the bust i'll finally get to slit her ****ing throat
and watch her spit my seeds up with the sound of a frog's croak
i'll put her in a bag and leave her in the swamp, an easy bury
while i go party more and still get off free, casey anthony
they fear it when i spit lyrical fire to these ****ed up tunes
but don't blame me, i don't see ears, i just see a bunch o' spitoons
i'm gonna be great, i'll rule the ****ing united states

nigga we anything but

i guess we are united ****s
who **** each other just enough
to become the next one to climb another ladder rung
but watch out when you hit the top
when you look down your heart will stop
and realize you're a-****ing-lone
so you'll just jump to silence those
ceaseless voices echoing in your dome
that pressure you to carry on
and drop those murderous ****ing thoughts
that never seem to ****ing stop
they're eating me, they're feeding me
they're muther****ing killing me


*jumps off*