I need help A&C.

Last week I kind of tripped with my guitar in my hands and I bumped it on the floor pretty hard. But since it has a Lyrachord roundback, it is pretty much indestructible. I checked and the solid wood top didn't look damaged at all but I have noticed a slight buzzing since then. It's not fret buzz, but it kind of sounds like if a piece was loose, but it also doesn't seem to be coming from inside the guitar, were there are parts that could be loose, but it sounds like it comes from the neck. I was thinking that maybe the hit changed my action a bit or something like that. The buzz is not annoying or anything, and it is very small. I also can't hear it when the guitar is plugged (the amp is louder so..). But should I get my guitar checked by someone more competent just to be sure or should I just leave it as is?

Many thanks, Simon

EDIT: It's way worse when I play harmonics and it seems to be coming from the neck. I'm worried now that there might be something wrong.
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It could be a brace or something. I'd get it checked out. Or you can just wait and see what happens. I had a buzzing in my guitar once but then when I went to clean it out a little piece of paper fell out and the buzzing disappeared. Coincidentally, the buzzing happened after I bumped my guitar against a wall.
Take it into the shop and have them look. Like FM said, you may have popped a brace loose.
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