My 1961 kay value leader fell out my guitar stand after being bumped by a family member . The nut was cracked on the low E string and it buzzes to the point where it cant be tuned. I have been looking around about ways to fix, some have said to use suped glue and baking soda, i got a quote from my tech and it cost about 90 dollars to get fixed which i dont have right now, so im looking for a quick fix, all other strings are fine execept for open low E. I dont really care if looks bad or not cause im just looking for a fix that will last a couple of months, thanks a bunch
depending on what the nut material is, solvent welding would be a quick and easy solution. If you dont care about keeping it original, why not just spend 20 bucks on a new graphtech nut?
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Thanks for the help never heard of the site il prob order in the next couple weeks