Hi folks how are you ?

Im a bass player that doesnt own my own bass guitar ( using my friends).

Im trying to find a cheap bass that doesnt sucks.. But i dont have much cash due to im starting university this year.

I recently found this shop and the basses looks preatty sweet

Also i liked this bass ( due to shape , im a fan of musicman)

I like being 4 strings player (never player with 5-6-8) but prices are too low and i was just thinking should i buy other ones...

Whould you receommend going on extra strings ? adv , dis adv...

Note1: Im a modorate bassist , can play most stuff from RHCP and gigging

Note2: My fingers are short..

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Can't really go wrong with the cheaper Ibanez's and Squiers, depends on what kind of sound you want. For RHCP I'd find a bass with jazz pickups or a Precision/Jazz combo.

I got a 5 string recently and for composing music its extremely helpful, yet if you are only playing covers it has it's limitations (low B won't be used extremely often, at least with the music I play) - Don't go for a 6 string, especially 8 string, it's overboard unless you really need it, focus on a lesser amount of strings for now (like 4 or 5)
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Look into Yammha they have cheaper basses that go pretty decently. My step dad has one (the first one he got when he learned) and it was around $150 and it plays really nice
Im currently using GRS200.. And like everyone im aware that if i buy ibanez / yamaha / squier i will pay for NAME...

Im also writing stuff... Just thinking abotuh 4 or 5 ..

slapping at 5 is hard ?

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... I swear I don't work for them.

Kind of wish I did. I'd have made a fortune by now.
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nice bass but i really hated its color (white too)

Check my guitar-warehouse.com there some really really cool and unknow ( thats why cheap) basses

Note: 8 strings has 4 octave strings.. it doesnt have a giantic neck same neck with 4 strings.. check it out

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If you can, go to the music shop and try all the basses in your price range.
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