I don't remember when I wrote these, but it was probably two or three years ago.

I don't particularly like them, but I'll put them up anyway just to get some opinions.

I do have some better, more recent lyrics, but I can't find where I wrote them down.


Trapped; looking out, living within
I can't see where I'm going but I can't stand where I've been

The Grass is always greener, but green grass don't mean shit
Four pounds on a trigger; what's outside goes away, replaced with what was in

When the light-bulb goes out, you're left on your own,
There's a reason that what really lies within is rarely shown

At least what you've done and what you say
Can never be changed and never taken away

What more could you want?
You had your chance,
You gave it up,
This is what you really wanted,

In the end.


It seems like most of my older lyrics are very angry and unfocused. I don't care for them, much.

EDIT: Here we go. I found the newer ones.


Baptized in blood
It's escalating
A lunatic, I curse the setting sun

Something changed me
I thought I'd sooner die
My time is nigh

If I'm to die,
I will be sure I'm not alone
And that I know
Just where I'm going

If I'm to die,
I'll build myself a home
My sins to carve my own place in Hell,
I know


Another victim,
remorse is for the weak
Uncertainty keeps me alive
The hounds of hell denied the blood they seek

I'm tearing out my humanity
An evacuated womb
A husk remains,
Digging shallow graves
And for myself, a tomb

If I'm to die
I won't let you mourn for me
For I'm alone, for you they'll grieve

If I'm to die
In hell, I'll build a home
I offer souls, to preserve my own
All I ask of you, a throne
By your side, I earn my place

Ignorantly, your faith I've barred
But dust in the wind can't feel pain
And that can't be all we are


So that one is obviously a little darker and all. Probably more of a metal song. Basically about getting some shocking news, a terminal illness or something like that, and then just shutting down emotionally and freaking out, essentially praying to Satan or Hades or anyone like that and offering these souls he is procuring by killing people.

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