Hello, guys! I would love to promote my music to you fine people and get a (hopefully decent) reaction from you guys. Please post any constructive criticism you can think of; I'm a humble guy.

About Me:
I am an 18 year old musician from Southern NH. I played drums from the 5th grade through 8th grade, and I have been playing guitar for the last 3-4 years. It is a huge passion for me, along with singing. I love writing, and I have been in a recording studio recording 3 tracks for a compilation album of acoustic artists from my local area. They aren't mastered or online, yet, however.

I am heavily influenced by bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Say Anything, Yellowcard, Mayday Parade (their old stuff), Go Radio, and others. Max Bemis of SA is my favorite lyricist and Jason Lancaster is my favorite song-writer.

My newest song/video:

"Something More"
My YouTube account is mostly filled of covers (some are really poor, I need to go through and delete the older ones.. I've been kind of adding onto the account from when I started guitar 3 years ago up until now).

Please feel free to check out all of my songs out at:
Some of the songs there are poorly recorded due to my only having a crummy HP laptop with a very limited mic and audacity, but more recently, I have moved onto a macbook with garageband which has been blowing my mind at the overall quality of the recordings. I plan to record a lot of the older tracks on this page over again; I will probably cut out some of the older songs on their from a few years ago that I'm not quite fond of in comparison to where my music has taken me now.

Take note of the AWESOME album art my buddy designed. He's the lead guitarist of a really sweet emo band called "Old Gray". Look them up on bandcamp, tumblr, or facebook!

If you enjoy my music, please, like me at:
http://facebook.com/rmcavoymusic and tell your friends about me!

Thank-you very much for your time .
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Awesome i love the lyrics to your songs u have a fb page ? and im proud we have good local music in NH