when people say that an amps distortion is not good, such as a fender hot rod or another similar amp, does that mean that the distortion that comes on the amp is not good or that the amp cannot handle distortion? so if i really liked the distortion of a certain pedal could i team it up with an amp that had a great clean channel but not a great distortion channel and good a good distortion sound?
Distortion is in the eye of the beholder (or the ear in this case) - it really just depends on what sounds you like - if you want a high gain metal sound, go for something high gain, if you want something fuzzy, go with something fuzzy. it just depends.

Most of the time, the amps distortion is mostly bases on how hard you push the tubes, and the volume. generally, the louder the tube amp, the more the tubes are pushed the better it sounds.

for solid state amps, its different, they sound good at low volumes but when pushed hard or at high volumes they tend to clip out and break up.
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Most of the time if I say the distortion is not good it means the sound of it is not good, not that it doesn't have enough gain. The marshall class 5 has only power amp distrtion, so it has very little gain add a pedal and you can be in metal country. A crate flex wave has plain bad distortion.
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