The AAL influence is definitely present throughout the song, especially in Track 1's part. Bar 1 started the song off well. The choice of an 11/8 rhythm threw me off at first, but it works well, and gives the song a nice uneven feeling. I like the use of 7ths thrown in to the first part of the bar, which in fact is present throughout the majority of the song. The slides do well in accenting certain parts, but sound a bit off at times, but I think that's just Guitar Pro. I really like how at about halfway through bar 1 the song jumps up to much higher notes than the first half, which contributes to the overall feel of the song. The drum track was pretty solid, and worked well with the odd time signature. I especially like the ghost notes for the snare, which too contribute to the whole AAL feel of the song. The song got repetitive at about bar 2, I don't think it was a good idea to repeat that part of the song. The drums did their best to break up the repetitiveness, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that it was just a repeat of bar 1 for the most part. Then the song got to bar 3, and the sudden change to 9/8 was a bit of a shock, but once again it works well. Bar 3 strays a bit away from the use of 7ths, but still sounds consistent. The drums are a bit less creative than the first 2 bars, but still sound good under the 9/8 rhythm. Then, once again, the song gets repetitive at bar 4, though the drums do help vary bar 4 from the previous bar. Then, the whole song repeats, which takes the repetitiveness I mentioned before and escalates it to a whole new level. Not only that, but I believe the 9/8 didn't transition well into 11/8. I think changing bar 4 the 11/8 and adding a few extra things at the end will help break up the repetitiveness and transition the song back into bar one. I will add an example of what I'm talking about. Overall, I like how it sounds, but I think there could be something done to make the song a little bit less repetitive.


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